Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design 💻

Our custom website designs are as unique as your business. No website template or recycled design is ever used for your project. We pride ourselves on creating a custom look that fits your company brand, culture, and mission.

Web design for Santa Rosa businesses

A website needs to look awesome, load quickly, and rank high in order to generate new customers and leads. Since 2011, we’ve helped local Santa Rosa businesses with their web design and marketing strategies to increase lead generation and customer satisfaction with intention-driven website design, and search engine optimization that works. If you’re not sure where to start or would like to revamp your existing website, we’d love to discuss your business goals starting with a free consultation.

Built in WordPress

We build the majority of our websites using WordPress; the most popular website builder in the world. Comprising 43% of all sites built on the web, we feel confident that our expertise in this area is likely a good fit for your business. WordPress websites also allow for endless integrations so your website can be customized to the needs of your business goals. Does this sound right for your small local business or growing company?

Designed for you

There are a lot of design templates out there. We don’t do that. We provide custom website designs that are original. We view your website as an expression of your business to the World Wide Web. Here, we are only interested in custom designs, built from scratch, matching your business. We handle the entire process, guiding you through options of color pallet, typography, user experience, transitions, hovers, and animations. What do you want your site to be?

Managed by us

We don’t expect you to manage the technical aspects of your website. As part of our custom websites, we provide website maintenance plans, hosting, security, and back-end updates to keep your site up and running. We also prefer to make site changes for you even after it has gone live. This includes making front-end changes like adding new pages, text, and images as well as all other technical back-end updates as well.

Web design FAQ’s

From start to finish, we’ll guide you through the 5 stages of our custom web design progess. These 5 stages are listed below:

1. Discovery

2. Content

3. Design

4. Development

5. Launch

Absolutely. We specialize in the custom development and integrations. Below are a few general categories of integrations and develoipment that may be used for your project.

You bet we do. If you do not have the resources to generate your own site content we are happy to help. Here are a few ways we can assist you in site content.

We handle all the technical aspects of keeping your website online. Below are the technical details explained in greater depth.